We are very fortunate to live by the sea in the little village of Uphill. Although there is a hill on the south side of the village, the last of the chain of Mendip Hills, that is not how the village got its name. A local word for creek or inlet is pill, originally an Anglo-Saxon word, and the pill lead from the sea to the River Axe. In Saxon times there was a local chief called Oppa, and so it became known as Oppa’s Pill… contracted to Uphill or so the story goes! The wharf was used from ancient times, certainly by the Romans shipping lead and other minerals from the Mendips, and other produce from the fertile land. Traders from Wales, and Ireland came, and one local legend is that St Patrick was a taken  from Uphill by Irish pirates!

We often wander down to the beach, especially out of the holiday season or when there is a very high tide.


5 thoughts on “Living by the sea

      • Hi Lois! I see now you discovered I am from Tasmania / Australia. Ours is the most ancient land mass on earth…and its Aboriginal culture is one to match. Sadly, we don’t know nearly enough about it, though the land speaks volumes 🙂


      • Tasmania! Top of my want to go list! My great-grandfather was born there and I would love to visit the places he knew… and also explore all the places I’ve discovered while researching his life! It looks the most wonderful place, so varied, so ancient!


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