Month: October 2012

I was so tempted…

There was a recommendation here on wordpress about the National Novel Writing Month I have been seriously thinking about taking up the challenge but I just think I have too much else on this year. I have to finish and publish ‘Loving Judah’, I have my three children’s novels to prepare for publication, I need to start editing […]


A gloomy autumn afternoon

It wasn’t raining and when we set out the afternoon was quite bright… however the clocks had changed, it’s no longer British summer time but back to GMT so we were slightly later leaving home than we meant to be. We went to the little village of Congresbury, roughly halfway between Weston and Bristol. It’s named after St Congar, nothing to […]


A slight delay…

  OK… I know I announced with great excitement that ‘Loving Judah’ would be coming out tomorrow… Well, there’s no easy way to announce a late arrival, even if you work for British Rail (as was!) Maybe rather than late, I should say delayed, I’m sure that’s what railway announcers do! OK, so ‘Loving Judah’ will be […]