Storms are heading our way


I have posted a couple of times about the missing yachtswoman Ona Unwin… I think all hope must be given up for her, as the wreckage of her yacht has been found and especially thinking of the weather warnings for tonight here in the southwest of England.

The Environment Agency has warned of the possibility of more tidal flooding in coastal areas of Devon and Cornwall.

It said high tides and strong winds could result in flood surges between 18:00 and 20:00 BST.

Stormy weather and high tides earlier resulted in tidal flooding and transport disruption in parts of the region. The Torpoint ferry service between Devon and Cornwall will be suspended from 19:00 BST for at least two hours. A spokesperson said significant flooding was expected at the ferry’s slipways and crossings would not restart until it was considered safe to operate.

The Met Office has a yellow “be aware” warning in force until midnight. It said winds are expected to increase to gale or severe gale force, with gusts up to 60mph near exposed coasts. Devon County Council said, with waves of up to 4m (13ft) forecast, people should keep away from harbours and sea defence walls.

Meanwhile, the Environment Agency numerous flood warnings still in place across the region. Agency spokesman David Bunt said staff worked through the night on Tuesday monitoring high tide levels, closing sea defences and checking pumping stations and they would continue to do so throughout the rest of the week.

“With the high spring tides, and anticipated wind surges, our teams are working hard to ensure we are prepared and are working with our professional partners to make sure the public are aware of the risk,” he said.

Stormy seas

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