Strange names… they’re all around you

Once you have a fascination for strange names, they’re everywhere, they spring of parish notice boards, they jump out of obituaries, they are of the children and grandchildren of people you meet.

This was a plaque in Launceston, Cornwall, the only Cornish name is the builder, Sampson Trehane!

The second part of ‘Loving Judah’ is set in Cornwall and there are a number of Cornish characters; the main family are the Polglass clan – Anthony Polglass married a gypsy woman, Zebretta and they had three sons, Tawno, Bavol and Pal – I’m sure some readers will struggle with this, but in this story more than others, the naming of the children is a crucial plot device… as will be revealed! Another Cornish family is that of Adam Trenow, and his sister and parents, and I have had to create some Cornish place names… I hope any Cornish readers will accept that they sound realistic… I have done some research on it, but it’s always a worry!


2 thoughts on “Strange names… they’re all around you

  1. You’re right, Cornish names are strange. Some of my ancestors come from St Cleer near Liskeard and my great grandma was called Druscilla. We went to visit a few years ago and were struck by how the Cornish were more like the Bretons than the neighbouring Devonians. In fact the Cornish husband of a friend of mine says that when they went to visit Plymouth as a child they used to say that they were going to England. THey obviously didn’t regard themselves as being part of England.


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