Post industrial … landscape, dockscape?

Having posted earlier today about the exciting launch of my friend Andrew Simpson’s book about the changes in a nineteenth century village near Manchester, ‘The Story of Chorlton-cum-Hardy’, I started thinking about the nostalgic view of history, that rosy-spectacled view of a pastoral idyll whereas in reality people then would have had to deal with disease, early death, poor schooling and even poorer sanitation… and if we moan about inequality and glass ceilings now – it was so much worse then, so dreadfully worse then…

Ghastly modern soulless edifices which sweep away the past industrial heritage… or new and exciting developments derelict and ugly jerry-built factories, warehouses and dockyards… it just depends on your point of view.

Our son has moved to Salford, to university and we visited him. You know Salford ‘Dirty Old Town’ – Ewan MacColl? You’ve seen L.S.Lowry’s pictures?

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  1. loonyliterature

    i haven’t been over to Manchester for about five years. It’s a very inspirational place. Although when some of my Irish ancestors escaped the famine to live in Ancoats, which was completely dreadful in the Victorian period, I expect they didn’t find it very inspirational.


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