The Netherlands, can’t wait to revisit!


Through my love of music, and in particular my love of Raul Malo’s music, I have made some very dear friends.

Elly and I are great pals, she lives with her handsome husband Kees in the Netherlands and Bari and I have been lucky enough to visit them several times in their lovely old farmhouse. We get on so well together and we always love being in each other’s company. Our next get-together is in January when we’re going to see Raul together.

Having just organised that, made me look back on some pictures of the last time we visited… the sun shone, good friends, good times!

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  1. gonerustic

    Wonderful photos! My parents came from the Netherlands … most of my relatives live there, but I’ve never met them except for a few who have visited us here in Oz. Maybe one day I can visit, but it’s a long (and costly) journey from here! =D


    1. Lois

      it is a lovely, lovely country and is not all tulip fields, canals and windmills – although there are lots of them! it is very varied as well, the south where our friends live distinctly different from the north. Where does your family come from?
      The people are so lovely too, such fun and so friendly, with a great sense of humour. We always feel so at home there. Do you speak Dutch? It is such an intriguing language!


      1. gonerustic

        I only speak a little bit of Dutch, but I can understand it reasonably well … my parents came from Niewe Pekela in Groningen. I also have a childhood friend from Canada living in Drente, who I would also love to visit. She and her husband live in a lovely thatched cottage which he inherited from his grandmother … =D


      2. Lois

        I think those places are in the north, aren’t they? We’ve not been to that part… yet! every time we visit our friends they take us somewhere different! I hope one day you do manage to go there, you would so enjoy it!


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