Tragic… more than tragic, to be lost at sea, at Christmas

Having had a pleasant and peaceful Christmas and new Year I was looking through the BBC news headlines and three items caught my eye:

Christmas Day paddle victim named

Friends of teen who jumped from ferry start search (New Year’s Eve)

Derby woman vanishes on Hull to Rotterdam ferry (December 28th)

Blackpool dog walker swept put to sea (New Year’s Morning)

The first story is of a woman who was doing what many people who live beside the sea might do on a jolly Christmas morning, and in fact many people were… pulled off her shoes and socks and went for a paddle. She was knocked over by an unexpected wave, thrown against some rocks and very sadly died of her injuries.

The second story is of a young sixteen year-old who was on a local ferry at Torpoint in Devon, on New Year’s Eve, and for some reason jumped into the sea; it is unlikely that he could have survived, but his friends will not give up hope. When he left home that evening, no doubt he was just going to see the New Year in with his mates.

The third story is of a woman and her husband, on their way to Rotterdam from Hull; they had enjoyed a few drinks in the bar and when they went to their cabin, the key wouldn’t work. The husband left his wife to go and sort out the problem; while he was gone she was seen on the CCTV making her way up on deck… she has not been seen since

The third story is of two men, walking a dog along the beach in Blackpool just after midnight on New Year’s morning; we were on a beach at the same time but two hundred miles south. The moon was up, the sky was full of stars and fireworks. The men were washed into the sea, one of them managed to scramble ashore… the other didn’t .

My sympathy goes out to the family and friends of these missing people, how can they ever celebrate Christmas again without thinking back to their loss at sea?


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