Lost at sea… and found

In all the celebrations of the New Year coming in, there must have been many families whose 2013 had a sad and even tragic start.

The family of Jordan Cobb had the worst news ever on New year’s eve or the early hours of January 1st… their son, only sixteen years old was missing having jumped from the Torpoint ferry into the icy River Tamar  No-one is quite sure why he did it, he was with a group of friends, was it for a foolish £100 bet?

Seventeen days after Jordan went missing, a body was found in the river and later identified as that of the missing boy. What a dreadful mixture of emotions his family must have experienced, relief that their waiting was over, crushing despair that their last few hopes of a happy outcome ere dashed, and piercing grief at his death. His funeral will take place today, on the last day of the month.

A tragic story, poor family…

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