I came across this obituary of my husband Bari’s grandfather:



With regret we record the death of Mr William Thomas Henry Sparshott, which sad event took place suddenly at his residence, 42, Brighton Road, on the 5th inst. Had Mr Sparshott lived another two days he would have attained the age of 59 years. A native of Portsmouth, deceased resided at Earlswood, Surrey before coming to Newhaven in 1899. In April, 1900, he joined the cross-channel service and at the time of his death was employed as engine room storeman aboard the commodore steamer R. M. T. S “Worthing.”   He was a keen musician and at one time belonged to a local string orchestra, being a violinist and mandolinist of considerable merit. He had been feeling unwell for sometime, and although he had received medical treatment he still continued his employment. His sudden death from angina pectoris therefore came as a great shock to his family and wide circle of friends. He leaves a widow, one daughter and one son, for whom much sympathy is felt in their sudden bereavement.

Amid many tokens of sympathy and respect the mortal remains were laid to rest in Newhaven Cemetery on Thursday of last week, the Rev. S. Froggett (Rector) officiating.

The mourners were Mrs. Sparshott, widow; Miss Kit Sparshott, daughter; Mr Harold Sparshott, son; Mr. W, Green, Mrs Nice and Miss G. Nice (Earlswood); Mr. L. W. Cowland (Reigate); Mrs. E. L. Hooper, Mrs. Dorey, Mr. and Mrs. B. Simmons, Mrs. A. Ludby and Mrs Breeds.

Bari is an only child, and had only one aunty on his dad’s side, Kit, mentioned above; she had no children so he is a little short of Sparshott relations and connections. It is interesting that his granddad was a musician and belonged to an orchestra, that must be where Bari gets his musicianship from.

We were wondering who some of the mourners were, wondering if they may be cousins so I did a little research into Mrs Nice and her daughter, Miss G. Nice (pronounced Neece) I discovered that They were Eliza and Gwendoline, mother and daughter, and Mr Nice had been a professional cricketer, Ernest. Eliza had been a Miss Hunkin from Mevagissey in Cornwall, before she married which immediately rang a bell with me; Harold Sparshott, son of the deceased William, had taken his family to Cornwall in the late 1940’s and while working there had a friend called Effie Hunkin, the harbour clerk. Further research discovered that Effie, still living in Cornwall, and Eliza, now living in Surrey were cousins. They were no relation (as far as I can tell) to the Sparshotts, but at least it shows that when the family moved to Cornwall, they had connections down there  a friendly face to welcome them!



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