Otter is no more! I mean that our local, the Dolphin, no longer serves Otter Ales, but now serves well-kept Potholer, a very nice beer from Cheddar Ales.


We sample Potholer tonight, compared it to the resident ale, Doom Bar, and then had another pint of the Cheddar Ale.

It is described by the brewery as:

POTHOLER GOLDEN ALE 4.3% ABV – Potholer is an award winning golden ale. It is lively and refreshing with zesty fruit flavours, a rounded finish and bags of aroma. It is brewed using the best quality Maris Otter, Crystal and wheat malts and hopped with a blend of English whole hops.

We have had Cheddar Ales before, in fact they have been on at the Dolphin; our favourite last time they were here was Gorge Best, the name coming form a play on words with Cheddar Gorge, and George Best the magic footballer. Gorge Best was a favourite of mine, very hoppy, bitter, tangy with a lovely full flavour.

Potholer is a lovely beer, true, but it is lighter, less bitter and to me, has a less rounded long-lasting flavour. However, well kept by the Dolphin, it’s a beer which I’ll no doubt sample plenty of times  and enjoy every mouthful. Au revoir, Otter!

Otter 001

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