Another little branch of the family tree (more of a tiny twig!)

It is always so exciting when there is a new arrival in the family! Welcome tiny Joshua! Although my children are still young, my cousins children are now having their own babies, the next generation.

With my interest in names I always like to hear what the new ones are called, and how the fashion in names change. I know I’ve listed it before, but here goes with another comparison:

  1. My generation: Michael, Jacqueline, Lois, Richard, William, Diana, Anne, Robin, Simon, Zoe, Lisa, Ruth
  2. The next generation: Beverley, Stephen, Lucy, Esther, Sophie, Gregory, Matthew, Christopher, Adrian, Stuart, Joanna, Christopher, Nathalie, Tom, Michael, Rory, Oliver, Madeleine, Chloe, Harry, Hugo, Jonathon
  3. And the grandchildren: Charlie, Jennifer, Annabel, Tristam, Izaak, Max, Jazmine,  Jacob, Scarlett, Joshua

I wonder who will be next?!

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