Tims taking over the world

I met someone called Tim last Sunday, and mentioned to him that I have a theory that Tims are taking over the world! In our pub alone there are so many Tims that they have to have nick-names to differentiate them. There is Twin Tim (father of twins) Smoky Tim (dog called Smoky) Merky Tim (drives a Mercedes) and two other Tims as well. When we moved here I discovered my boss’s husband was Tim, and my support worker’s son was Tim, and not long after we arrived a friend of my son had a little brother in the family… called Tim.

Of course I’ve always known the name, Timothy White (chemist’s) Timothy Taylor (brewer) Timothy Vine (comedian) and  Timothies Spall and West (actors)… plus all the other  Tims, Tim Berners-Lee (scientist) Tim Brooke-Taylor (comedian and actor) Tim Minchin (actor,musician, comedian) Tim Henman (tennis) and not forgetting Timmy Mallet (who could forget Timmy Mallet?)

Timothy is a Greek name and means ‘honouring God’, so when people say “That Tim, he thinks he’s God’s gift!” he’s probably right! Saint Timothy was a friend of St Paul, who wrote him two epistles, his unnamed father was Greek, but  his mother was named Eunice, and his grandmother was Lois! Well, as far as I know I have no Greek connection apart from my name!


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