More celebrity silliness with names…

It used to be that aspiring celebrities changed their own names, Nicholas Coppola became Nicholas Cage, Maurice Micklewhite became Michael Cain… and there are thousands of other well-known examples. Now it seems the fashion is for celebrities give their children  different sounding names… for different , read ludicrous! Who wants to be called Satchel or Blanket for example?

There was an interesting article published in the Sunday Telegraph at the weekend:

The writer comments on the expected child of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian being named North… will s/he have a brother/sister named South at some point in the future? Kim is perhaps envious of her sisters called Khloé and Kourtney? Maybeit all started with David Bowie  calling his son Zowie and Marc Bolan by naming his son Rolan, to be outdone by Frank Zappa calling his poor children Moon Unit, Dweezil, Diva – his son Ahmet escaped with a recognizable name.

The article obviously has to mention Paula Yates who called her children Peaches, Fifi Trixibelle, Pixie and Heavenly Hiraani Tiger Lily; Peaches now has a son called Astala Dylan Willow. More celebrity eccentricity led these famous offspring to be saddled with  Jermajesty (Jackson),  Zuma Nesta Rock (Stefani), Fox (Owen) and Marlowe (Miller).

Some of my friends comment on the unusual names I have in my novels… I don’t think I have anything to compare with any of these!



  1. dragonfly ink

    So true, Lois. I struck up a conversation with a woman recently (as you do when you’re a ‘dragonfly’ buying a dragonfly cushion). She was lamenting over her grandson’s name – Storm River Dragonfly [+ last name]. The poor little bloke is now eight and accepts being called River but even then it’s a tough gig for a kid. And he doesn’t get the celebrity payoffs either! :-/ Louise


    1. Lois

      What a name! Even the characters in my books don’t have names like that! Lois isn’t a particularly uncommon name, but as a child it seemed to be and I was always being called Lewis or Louis or even Lo-eese! I never minded being called Louise though!


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