It was a lovely day today and I went on a quick expedition to Littlehampton in Sussex, where my maternal family come from. They were there in the 1841 census, and there is a cousin of my mother living there now!

Littlehampton is a pretty little town on the banks of the River Arun where it runs into the sea; it was settled by the Romans who no doubt appreciated what a lovely spot it was, displacing the local Brits I would imagine! I tried to find the house where my grandfather was born, and his father before him, but I think it has been pulled down… however there are some contemporary houses on the road where he lived but I will do a little more research before I post them.

My grandfather was a great traveller, Brazil, the Cape Verde islands, and other places too… maybe living by the sea fired his imagination when he was a child.





  1. Bill Hayes

    It was inded a great day as your photographs show.

    They remind me of someone who nearly became my father in Law. (why he didn’t is another story). He lived in Aldebrough in Suffolk. he had one of these little boats so ubiqidous around the English coast. he spent haf the year getting the boat ready to put into the water, and the other half preparing to take it out of the water. Every lunchtime, wearing his cardigan, pipe rattling in his teeth would lean into the imaginary wind in his lounge listening to the shipping forecast as though his life depended on it.

    i like that – people messing about in a boat.


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