Klay…. really?

My interest in names was pricked not only by Wayne and Colleen Rooney giving their new son the name Klay, but a most interesting and amusing article by Alison Pearson:


She comments that the Rooneys have a child called Kai and wanted another K name, rather like Mrs Kardashian, Kim, who has named  her daughters Khloe, Kourtney, Kim, Kendall and Kylie. My daughter went to school with a girl called Kendall who was born nearly twenty years ago, apparently after giving birth to her, her mother looked out of the hospital window and in the distance saw the lights of a big department store called Kendall Milne’s… After giving birth to my children I looked out and saw Oldham Athletic Football Club…

Alison Pearson goes on to mention the extraordinary fate of the boxer George Foreman’s children, George Jr, George III, George IV, George V and George VI, Georgetta and Freda George…. They must have given themselves other names, surely to goodness? Unless they called each other, Junior, Third, Fourth, Fifth and Sixth?

She has obviously done her research, or is similarly interested as I am, because she lists the strange names children have been given in recent times, Tequila, Cougar and five baby Swayzes in 2011, (after the late actor Patrick Swayze) and also 14 girls called Eh, which I actually guess might be a proper name in another culture.

Alison Pearson calls names such as Tequila ‘fierce’ names; I once taught a girl called Beaujolais and actually she was pretty fierce… we wanted to call our daughter Talisker after the whisky… sense prevailed!

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