Next assignment… quite a challenge!

This is what the next assignment on my archaeology on-line course entails:

Create your own People, Places, Things screencast or podcast! For inspiration, in addition to the examples you will find throughout this course, you might want to listen to some of the British Museum’s ‘A History of the World in 100 Objects’ radio programs or the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s ‘82nd & Fifth’ series.

  1. Script and deliver a five-minute talk, with images or illustrations, about an archaeological person, place, or thing. This can be a local site or monument, something in a local museum, or just anything that interests you.
  2. Assume that your audience is smart and interested, but without specialist knowledge of the subject.
  3. Make sure you explain the significance of the object and why people should be interested in it.

Your screencast or podcast should be no longer than five minutes (and must be at least approximately four minutes long).

This sounds quite daunting… but interesting. I’d like to choose somewhere local to me, so maybe I should go up on the hill and talk about St Nicholas church which is ruined… or maybe go over the back of the hill and talk about the ancient field systems… or down to the wharf and talk about trade from Roman times (if not before)… but would I be er-ing and umm-ing… and how would I edit it when it’s so embarrassing to listen speaking or worse still to see yourself on film?!!


    1. Lois

      Oh dear… I wasn’t concentrating… it was just technical information about what programmes to use which I cut out, but left the tantalising ‘no 3’!


  1. sprechendedinge

    Hi Lois, I just discovered that you also took the MOOC on archaeology at Coursera. I was also in it and loved it. Especially after discovering that other MOOC´s can be actually so badly presented that you skip them after 1 or 2 weeks. I wrote a blog post about Archaeology´s Dirty Little Secrets, too. If you like, visit it on:

    I would like to include your posts about it, too. Is that okay with you?
    Greetings from Berlin: maria


    1. Lois

      Hi Maria, yes it has been such fun, hasn’t it and I feel as if I’ve learned such a lot. I’m looking roubnd for something else to do now… I want to continue archaeology if possible, but maybe there is a history MOOC somewhere which I might enjoy! I know there is something from a university in Australia… I’ll try and find the link for you.
      Yes, that’s fine to include my posts, I’m flattered you want to – but please put a link on back to my blog!
      I have been to Germany a couple of times and loved it but I have never visited Berlin… friends have and they say it is a wonderful city, so I really would like to go some day!


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