A week ago today…

A week ago today I was heading south to a city I had never visited before. My friends and i were going to Plymouth, and what a wonderful experience it was. I had booked a room on-line with the help of the Plymouth Tourist Information office, and the bed and breakfast place was just perfect, a 50 yard stroll to the sea, and then going in the other direction, a five-minute walk to the concert venue… the reason we were going to Plymouth was to go to a concert, to see the Mavericks!

You could guess from the name that Plymouth is situated on the River Plym, but the main river flowing into the sea here is the River Tamar. Just off the coast, within the  natural harbour is Mount Batten and it was on this rocky outcrop that the remains of early people have been found, going back to the Bronze Age. It grew over the centuries because of its excellent location as a port; Plymouth not only saw people coming in, but it also saw the departure of others. Some travellers went voluntarily, the Mayflower set off from here taking the Pilgrim Fathers to the New World.

DSCF3817 Prisoners were transported from here, taken halfway round the world to Australia, sentenced to years, maybe a lifetime in exile for their crimes.



I fell in love with Plymouth… I only spent a day there and saw very little but I was enchanted and can’t wait to go back and see more of the city and learn more about it. The icing on the cake of course was seeing the Mavericks in concert – an awesome gig, and being in the company of my friends from the Netherlands!


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