Buried in the churchyard of our old village church is a man who was involved in the arrest of Dr Crippen, the man who murdered his wife for love of a young woman.  More of Dr Crippen another time, but I wondered how detective Inspecter Frank Castle Froest came to be buried in our little village, overlooking the Bristol Channel.

It seems he was born in Bristol, or in the Bristol area and ended his life as a superintendent of a sanatorium in Weston-super-Mare, the town just next to Uphill.

I tried to do some research about Frank but census returns and other documentation seem  unable to yield much… maybe his name was sometimes misspelt as Frost, I know sometimes it was Fro’est. However I did find out that he travelled a great deal and as yet I’m not sure why, maybe as part of his work as a police officer:

  • 1895 – Southampton To Buenos Aires – Magdalena
  • 1924 – Southampton To Algiers – Koningin Der Nederlanden
  • 1925 – Southampton To Algiers – Prinses Juliana
  • 1926 – Southampton To Algiers – Jan Pieterszoon Coen

Frank married Sarah Jane Carpenter at Lewisham in 1880 and probably had two children, Frank Egbert Froest who sadly died aged 16 in Long Ashton near Bristol, and Mabel Mae who married and had three children.

The only other information I have on Frank is a census return for 1911 when he is living on Streatham Hill with Sarah, and a servant (from Bristol) and his occupation is Superintendent, of the  Criminal Investigation Office. He died in 1930, aged 73 in Weston, and now lies looking over the town and out to sea, an appropriate resting place.



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