I’ve been doing a little investigation into the life of my great-grandfather, Louis Walford. Born in Tasmania to a very wealthy Jewish family, at some point he moved to Sydney, Australia. he lived  there for some years and worked as a broker, and seems to have dealt mainly in minerals:

  • 13th November, 1872, copper miners – Wanted, for the Cootralantra Copper Mines, Cooma, two copper miners , accustomed to dress and sort ore.  L. F. Walford, broker,289, George-street.. Sydney Morning Herald see yesterday’s Herald for prospectus of the  Union Reef Gold Mining Company, Solferino; or can be had on application. L. F. WALFORD, Broker, 289, George-street.
  • 2nd October 1872 The Alicia Tin Mining Co . Special attention is directed to this prospectus  in Tuesday’s Herald, the capital being small, and a large  number of shares already applied for. L. F. WALFORD, Broker, 289, George-street. Sydney Morning Herald
  • 2nd December 1872 for sale .-Krohmans, Beyers and Holtermans,  Carrol Boards, Rapps, Hickson and Creighton,  Browns, Tambaroora and Louisa, Golden Point, Lucknow,Enterprise, General Molike, Boorak Consols, Bang Bang, and Walhalla. Peak Down Consols, Mount Coora, Victoria, and Cowra Copper. Kettle Swamp, Mount Marlay, Lady Normanby,Broadwator, Sydney, Ruby, Pioneer, and Queensland Tin. Wanted, Maroolinis, Lady Belmores, Williams, and Sydney Tin. L. F. WALFORD, Broker, 289, George-street.
  • 5th February 1872 MR. L. F. WALFORD, Stock and Share Broker,289, George Street, will be glad to receive Commissions for inspection, purchase, or report, during his visit to the Adelong and Tumut Gold-fields. Till12th instant. Shaw’s Hotel, Adelong. ‘
  • 22nd October 1872 Victoria Reef Gold Mining Company, Victoria Reef, Adelong.Only six claims from Williams’.For SALE, 260 Shares, fully paid up, in the above claim. It is 12 acres in extent on the Victoria Reef, and the capital is only £8000, whilst Williams’s, on the same reef, now in the market for £75,000, is not quite 3 acres. L. F. WALFORD, Broker, 289, George-street.

I tried to find what £75,000 would e in today’s money… a staggering £7,500,000… Louis must have been a very wealthy man!


  1. Many Cha Cha Michelle

    Hi Lois, I revisited the Jewish cemetery nearby and I didn’t see any Walfords (but some of the gravestones are illegible due to weathering and age). I wrote a post and pinged you, not sure if you have seen it. But after I posted I looked again at the details you have written about your family and I’m pretty sure that I have found some of their graves, I’ve included pictures x


      1. Many Cha Cha Michelle

        Cool, glad you saw it… I got all excited when I saw on the broken grave stone that Henrietta was daughter of Rosetta : )


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