There is something really special about an English breakfast; I describe it as English but obviously people from all over the place put together the same ingredients to start the say in a magnificent way… fried eggs, bacon, tomatoes, toast, fried bread baked beans, mushrooms… and all sorts of personal additions; my favourite is fried left-over mashed potato, but there are hash browns or sausages or black pudding, or soda farl or soda bread if you’re having an Ulster fry… the list and combination of ingredients is almost as endless as there are people who enjoy cooking and eating it!

Sometimes as we approach dinner time we find either we have not planned a meal, or can’t be bothered to cook very much, or aren’t sure really what we want to eat and there is an easy and enjoyable solution. We call it brinner… breakfast at dinner time. That is what we had today; it’s been a busy day, voluntary teaching this morning, jazz workshop for him, French conversation for me and then he’s out again to band practice. So we had brinner, bacon egg, toasted soda farl, tomato, and in place of sausage, chorizo!

It was yum!

PS The featured picture is actually a cake I made for my husband’s birthday the first year we were together!






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