Flood 2012

Last year seemed that all the disasters that the advocates of global warming prophesied where coming true… I actually believe that human activity has significantly and maybe catastrophically affected our climate, but last year we seemed to have such appalling weather that I feared the worst scenario would be upon us sooner than we had anticipated. Unseasonal mildness, unseasonal cold spells and even snow, rain, rain and more rain, warm winters…. oh the signs seemed to be everywhere.

The film ‘The Day After Tomorrow’, although in the classic disaster movie genre, seemed just too believable for comfort.

But this year we have had a traditional lovely summer, with temperatures well within the normal range (although worldwide I do believe we are warmer) that I put my worries aside and just enjoyed it! Walking out in the evenings with bare arms and bare legs, waking in the night to be comfortable without covers, to wake in the morning with sunshine… I’m going to forget my concerns for the moment and just enjoy the memories!


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