Flood… 2014

Once again Somerset, like other parts of England has been victim to torrential rain, poor drainage, and in the case of the Levels, the low land adjacent to the coast, high spring tides and onshore wind.

Over millenia, this area has had an advancing and receding coastline – sometimes for centuries the land stretches out into the Bristol Channel and is used by farmers and settlers, sometimes, the sea floods in over the marshes and people have lived as lake-dwellers on little islands of highland, or even constructing their own islands with timbers and willows and reeds and rushes and mud.

This area has now been drained for centuries, and for centuries people have lived on it and farmed it; but the changes in climate, and he natural changes in the coastline have seen floods here over the last few years, and it seems each winter it is worse than the previous one. It might look wonderful and picturesque to us who have come to take photos, but for the farmers that is land out of use – they cannot graze their cattle and sheep, they cannot grow their crops. When the waters disappear, the land will be cold and dead… all the worms and organisms which keep the soil healthy and the vegetation flourishing will have been drowned and covered in stinky muddy stuff. There will be pollution from various sources, dead creatures, rotting vegetation, machinery which has been submerged…

Changes will have to be made to accommodate these climate swings… DSCF6202

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