Rain, rain, rain

I saw a report that we have already had January’s average rainfall, and it’s only January 18th today… and today it has been raining again,not just drizzle, not just a few showers here and there, not even a few heavy showers here and there… it has been raining non-stop, really heavily all day. The puddles are stretching across the roads, and when we went out this afternoon, there were town roads where we had to drive down the middle to avoid the pools at the side.

I can’t imagine what the levels of water are like out in South Somerset, where some villages have already been cut off since Christmas. One village, Muchelney, is only accessible if you have a boat, the roads are feet deep in water. There was a report on the news of a rescue crew taking supplies to the villagers and passing a car aerial sticking out of the water… the car it was attached to was invisible!

I also read a report today that according to Councillor David Silvester from Henley-on-Thames who has  defected from the Tories (Conservative party) to UKIP (United Kingdom Independence Party) these floods have been caused by the government’s decision to legalise gay marriage…. What???? This buffoon actually believes that the legalisation of gay marriage has caused the floods? Really? And people voted for him? He wrote to his local paper and said “I wrote to David Cameron in April 2012 to warn him that disasters would accompany the passage of his same-sex marriage bill… It is his fault that large swathes of the nation have been afflicted by storms and floods.” This man is an idiot!

Read all about it:



  1. anne54

    Yes, keep dry 🙂
    Like you I wonder how people like this Sylvester get into government. I guess that now he is waiting for the plague of frogs or other things of biblical proportions.


  2. mariathermann

    Got washed down the road last night by the maelstrom that is Cardiff City centre these days. I check my limbs every day for first signs of fins, webbed feet, scales and gills. If there’s to be an outbreak of frogs, please let it be giant bullfrogs…they’re hungry and large enough to eat all UKIP supporters and silly Tory MPs.


    1. Lois

      Thanks for starting my day with a chuckle and a smile… I think the weather is playing a trick on us today, there is something big and yellow and shiny in the sky.. oh my goodness the sky has gone a funny colour, it’s blue!


      1. mariathermann

        Don’t worry, it was just an administrative error – grey skies and drizzle are the prevailing conditions in Cardiff today.

        Admittedly, I was just as startled as you when that shiny yellow disk appeared in the sky over Cardiff Bay yesterday. Is it a giant plane, is it an alien attack or has somebody in the International Space Station just simply switched the lights back on again, I asked my bewildered self?

        Glad I helped you to start the day with a chuckle and a smile:)


  3. david lewis

    Try looking out your window for five months and seeing nothing but white. They shouldn’t blame Gays but airplanes.for the weather changes. The only time there was a correct weather forecast in .North America was after 9/11 when all the planes were grounded, thus no pollution. DUH!


  4. david lewis

    When you are young and healthy it’s great. I enjoyed down hill skiing, skating and curling. My favourite though was cross country skiing on a cold but bright sunny day. At the end of the trail you head for the sauna with your lady friend of course and also a drink or two. I can’t do it now but I have some great memories. Yesterday a pack of four wolves were spotted a half a mile away where the kids toboggan so you know it’s been a bad winter when they venture right into town.


    1. Lois

      I’ve never fancied skiing, although a lot of my friends love it! In my youth I was a swimmer, them moved on to squash… and now it’s Tai Chi and the Wii!
      Gosh wolves! that sounds so exciting, but of course they must be dangerous too!


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