Bridges 2… and what I learned

It is a weekend of bridge themed photos on a site I belong to, and wow, there are some amazing pictures – some stunning photographs of some amazing places, from all over the world! A bridge carrying a river, the bridge of a ship, ancient bridges going back to Roman times, romantic bridges, secret bridges…  It is nice that people write a little explanation, for example there was a rickety bridge on a sea-shore which allowed people to board boats when the tide was high to travel between two islands, Vlieland and Texel; in the winter no-one went to the island so there was no need for the bridge and it and it fell into disrepair. There was another bridge which was made to take leather to a shoe factory; now it is used to cross a nature reserve… and my friend who took the picture told me she will take me there in the summer!

I was intrigued about Vlieland and Texel… I know there is a breed of sheep, big sheep, called Texel, but I had never thought where the sheep might have come from. Vlieland is a West Frisian  island with just one town on it; there was another town, but sadly it was lost to the sea nearly three hundred years ago… similar losses of towns and villages happen across the sea on the east coast of England, Dunwich was a very large town which disappeared. Texel is a much larger island and its sheep are renowned for the flavour and quality of their meat! The things you learn through photography!

Just wandering around Salford Quays and we saw them...

An unusual site to come across, on a bridge over a canal in Manchester… my bridge photo for today!

By the way, my featured picture is of a footbridge over another canal, one in Birmingham.

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