Black and white

In the photographic group I belong to on Facebook there is a weekend challenge for photos on a particular subject, and there are always rally interesting topics chosen. As you may imagine, I particularly liked the one on food and drink!!

This weekend the subject is where you live, and it has been suggested that the photos should be in black and white… which I think is an interesting challenge… it made me look at what I was taking photos of in a different way, considering how the picture would look when not in colour.

DSCF6510I saw the clouds and the strange tree, and the white cottages, and thought it might look interesting… but I think it looks rather dull!

DSCF6512I like the shadow along the bottom of the wall

DSCF6509Black sky, white magnolia!



  1. david lewis

    I wake up every morning about five o clock just like when I was still working but decide to go back to sleep for a few more hours.Why not! Thats when the dreams start. They can be terrifying or profound and with characters that I didn”t know from the past and plots that don”t make sense. They usually wake me up but I am in somewhat of a paralyzed or catatonic state and it takes a while before my body responds to my wishes. At first it scared the hell out of me but I”ve grown accustomed to the routine now. I have neuropathy, a neuro- muscular disorder that leaves me in a lot of pain and limits my mobility but I still soldier on. That could be the cause or experimenting with LSD when younger. Either way the dreams are in hi-def colour, 3D and surround sound but I wish they would go away as my imagination works just fine while fully awake.


    1. Lois

      Have you tried writing them down?… I just wonder if you could take hold of them and use them then maybe they wouldn’t be so powerful when you dream them…
      Sorry you have such a painful condition xxx


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