The incomparable Marianne McAleer

My very clever and wonderful friend Marianne shared this fabulous song with me… this woman has amazing talent!

This song, in Irish, was written by the seventeenth century poet and harpist, Cearbhall Óg Ó Dálaigh from Pallas, in County Wexford. Irish folklore recounts how Eileanóir Chaomhánach eloped with Cearbhall on the day she was about to marry another man. Cearbhall arrived at the  wedding to  play music at the wedding feast, and fell in love with the bride. He composed the song Eileanóir na Rún to woo her.

“Mo ghrá thú, den chéad fhéachaint, Eileanóir a Rún
Is ort a bhím ag smaoineadh, tráth a mbím i mo shuan
A ghrá den tsaol, is a chéad searc, is tú is deise ná ban Éireann.

“From the moment I saw you I loved you, Eileanóir my love
It is of you I think when I’m resting
O love of life and my first love, you are fairer than all the women of Ireland.”

And here it is:


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