Urban landscape

I’ve mentioned before that I am a member of a FaceBook photography group; there are some amazing pictures posted, some seriously good photographers and it is a joy to see what pictures they share. One of the interesting features of the group is that each weekend a topic is chosen and people can post their photos which fit in with the topic. These can be photos which have been taken previously; once a month or once every so often there is a different ‘competition’ where again a topic or theme is chosen and members can submit a certain number of pictures (three I think) When the competition is closed, then any of the members can vote for their five favourite pictures… wow, you should see the standard! The prize is pride in being voted best by the other photographers in the group, and choosing the competition theme for next time.

The topic for this weekend has been urban landscape, and it has been fascinating to see different cityscapes from across the world. I posted some pictures from my visits to one of my favourite cities, Birmingham, but here are some other city pics I have taken:





Photo0520Titanic Memorial, Belfast

DSCF4016London again

Photo0456Harland and Wolff, Belfast



DSCF3141Birmingham again



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