Spinach and cheese pastry…

One of my favourite cooks is Ozlem Warren; I follow her on Facebook and I also enjoy her amazing blog, Ozlem’s Turkish Table. I’ve tried quite a few of her recipes, and the latest one is for a real favourite of mine, spinach and cheese pie… Ispanakli, Peynirli borek. It just so happened that I had some spinach and I had also bought feta cheese at Bridgwater market, and I had some phyllo pastry in the freezer! Ready to rock!

Th recipe is so easy to follow and for me it was 100% successful. I made rather a large pie… oh dear, this just meant I had to eat it again the next day! What a treat that was! The only change I made to Ozlem’s recipe was that I had some wild garlic leaves which I chopped into the spinach and i also added some toasted pine nuts. In my hast to make it I also forgot to include the nigella and sesame seeds, so I shall definitely have to make it again.

It is a lovely summery dish and would be great if you have friends round for supper; I served it with jacket potatoes on the first night (my husband doesn’t like salad) and for lunch the next day I made myself a salad… delicious!




  1. Ozlem's Turkish Table

    Hi Lois, how very kind of you, I am delighted that you enjoyed the spinach and cheese pastry, thank you so much for the very kind mention. And a massive congrats to you for this wonderful blog, how did I miss it!!:) So cool to see your novels, big congatulations to you!
    Best wishes, Ozlem x


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