Amelia and Oliver

Apparently the most popular names for babies is Amelia for a girl, and Oliver for a boy… obviously not the other way round! I’m fascinated by names and how people are named, and why, as well as what they are named. Harry used to be the most popular boys’ name, but Amelia has been the most popular since 2010, with Olivia and Emily next. New names coming in as favourites are Oscar and George, but Alfie and Riley have dropped away from the most popular, and for girls Poppy is now the seventh most popular name. Other names which are suddenly very popular are Elsie and Theodore, Ibrahim, Ronnie , Felix, Austin  and Albert.

As well as popular names, there are the less popular, such as Achilles, Cecil, Ming, Rick, Beryl, and Darwin (for a girl). There are some obvious influences on parents’ choice – the TV series Breaking Bad has increased the choice of Walter and Skyler for new babies. When David and Victoria Beckham called their little daughter harper, it started a whole wave of baby Harpers!

When I write my stories I bear all this in mind, to try and reflect what the current names are for people’s babies, as well as what they were for people who are now older, whether it’s fifteen or fifty!

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