I actually don’t like Spam, but lots of people do, including my husband. Spam is tinned pork and ham and it’s produced by Hormel Foods Corporation; in Britain it’s either served cold in sandwiches or with salad or maybe boiled potatoes and vegetables, or fried, or made into fritters…. spam fritters are very popular, but not with me I should say!, Spam was first produced in 1937 but apparently these days there are all sorts of different flavours, including jalapeño, black pepper, hickory and roast turkey! Spam leapt back into the public eye when it was mentioned in a Monty Python sketch, and this led eventually to the use of spam for junk email.

Email and on-line spam is just rubbish (not the luncheon meat Spam, that’s not rubbish at all!) and what is more it is infuriating rubbish, and can be very dangerous rubbish. However real Spam is celebrated; there is a Spam museum, a Spam festival and a Spam jam! Reclaim the word Spam, let’s brand spam as rubbish and just bin it!


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