Eighteenth century names

I’m filling in the little bits I’ve missed from my next novel, Magick; I wrote it straight through in one go, and as things evolved in the latter part of the book, I’m having to amend what happens in the beginning.

As my novel is a genealogical mystery, Thomas Radwinter in search of his maternal line, I’m going back to a couple of centuries ago and I need to make sure I have names appropriate to the age – not the age of the character, although that too, but the age in which they were born.

I have come across some great sites which have offered all sorts of remarkable names… I didn’t want anything outlandish, though, I wanted something typical. Just a few examples of what I found, look at these Z-names: Zaphnathpaaneah, Zebulon and Zurishaddai… all English names although of Biblical or classical origin. We are used to names such as Grace, Hope, Honour, but how about Covenant, Fortune, Noble, Providence, Wholesome and Amorous for boys, or Clemency and Comfort for girls or Lovely, Mercy, Modesty or Silence! Imagine calling a child Silence, that seems to be asking for trouble to me!

Just a couple more… Trife and Wolstone, Heth, Kelah, Paston, Phinchas and Postle… and last of all, Zippery!


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