Creative writing workshop

Tomorrow I’m running a day long creative writing workshop…. now I’ve been teaching two groups of creative writers once a month for the last year, but this is something new! I’m not exactly nervous, but I’m just getting a little anxious in case what I have prepared lasts for about an hour  and then I have another three hours to fill! I’m sure it will be fine, I have plenty for them to do, and there’s always plenty to talk about… but I still have a little twinge of nerves!

The title of the day is “Have you a story? Who will tell it? We will be telling tales and being creative with our words.” I wanted the title to be ‘Telling Tales’ but this is what the organisers ended up with.

I’ll start off with an introduction of who I am and just a tiny bit about my writing – it’s about the people on the course, not me! Then I’ll ask them to tell us who they are and what stories they have. I’m going to suggest that they just focus on one story they want to tell… but of course they can change their minds, I don’t really care what they do as long as they get writing.

I’ll move on to ‘voice’, whose voice is going to be telling whatever it is they write… is it themselves, or them as a character, or is it from a disinterested objective point of view… it may be something that just happens as they write, but I want them to write with more awareness. Then we will have a little writing exercise – I don’t want it to be me wittering on the whole time, it’s a writing day after all!

I have some scenarios for them to write about, in which there are different perspectives, and they can spend twenty minutes or so writing and then sharing what they have written.

And that’s just the morning!

All the people who have signed up for the course are strangers to me, so I have no idea how experienced they are, or how much writing they have, nor what they might want from the day! So I will have plenty of stuff in reserve, so if it seems people want a particular focus – even if it’s not strictly on the topic, then that is fine!

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