A smile would be nice

I’ve worked in shops and cafés and restaurants and all sorts of places where you meet the general public, so I know there are plenty of rude idiots out there, but it really annoys me when I’m on the other side of the counter and I get met by indifference bordering on rudeness.

1. I went into the post office and went to the counter and said hello to the unsmiling woman behind the counter; she made no response and didn’t even look at me, just at the scales where I had put my parcel to be sent. Still not looking at me she asked if I wanted first or second class; I replied it depended on what it cost… I opted for first class and made some pleasant remark… no response, still no eye contact, and when she had taken my parcel she stared over my shoulder at no-one behind me. I said cheerio in a friendly way and she may have murmured something. I walked away smiling but in my head I was saying a whole lot of other things!

2. I went into a jewellers intending to spend about £40. There was one bloke serving someone and they went outside presumably to look at something in the window. I waited with a couple of other people, looking at a young lad standing in the door way through to the back. He didn’t look at me or the other customers; I asked if he was serving and he waved a phone at me saying he was on the phone to another customer. He didn’t say anything else… he didn’t say “I’m so sorry, I’ll be with you in a minute”, or “My colleague will be with you in a moment”, or “I’m sorry to keep you waiting”… he didn’t smile, didn’t even look at us. I told him I really couldn’t be bothered to wait and left the shop… I spent my money somewhere else!



  1. david lewis

    They should put sales people on straight commision instead of salary and see how fast there attitude changes. I worked alone on shiftwork for the last few years and there was lots of times I needed help, say someone to hold a ladder. It paid to be friendly and courteous for they weren’t supposed to help me. As my Dad used to say ( It doesn’t cost a dime to say goodmorning )


  2. david lewis

    What’s the difference between a good girl and a bad girl? A good girl wakes up with a smile and says good morning Lord. A bad girl wakes up grouchy and with a hangover and says goodlord it’s morning!

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