I sometimes wonder if I write my blogs in my sleep because I come across some things I have posted and wonder what I was thinking about… I have a mystery in a family photo album; there is a friend of my grandmother called Mrs Hart, and I have no idea who she was, nor her daughter Olive. I wonder if the Harts were related to us on my grandmother’s side; certainly a cousin or second cousin married a Phyllis Ida Hart, Did Phyllis have a brother who married a woman who became my grandmother’s friend? Or is it just a coincidence that the name is the same? Mrs Hart is often with Olive in photos, was she her daughter? I guess she was; she is often in the company of my oldest aunt, so I guess she was a similar age, born in 1920 or thereabouts. Most of the photos are in Eastbourne, which I know was a favourite place for the family to go on holiday; did the Harts go too, or did they live there or near there?

I was interested in this puzzle before and posted about it… but all I posted was the photo… what happened to the rest of the story? Why didn’t I write it? Distracted by something shiny maybe!


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