There are many reasons why people write blogs, I only really know why I do… and there are actually also quite a few reasons why I do.

Here are just some of the reasons I write every day:

  • I enjoy it, although it is sometimes difficult for various reasons, I enjoy it. I enjoy writing and I enjoy writing about different subjects, different thoughts, and different ideas and observations
  • I enjoy the interaction between me and the kind people who make comments on what I write and engage with me about my writing
  • I like the discipline, self-imposed, of writing every day – I write my fiction every day, or I mess around with some creative project I’m working on, but blogging is different
  • It’s interesting to challenge myself, to write in this way every day – I always wanted to be a journalist; I’ll never be a professional one, but blogging is a way of being an amateur!
  • Blogging is a way of writing about different things; for me it is writing about writing, about every aspect of food and cookery, books I’ve read, TV and films I’ve watched, articles which have interested me in other media, my family stories… oh hundreds of things!
  • Writing about writing… I mentioned this above, but writing about the processes and my processes, writing about the wrestling with the six ‘p’s of writing, plot, people, place, pace, point of view, purpose
  • It is a way of promoting my novels; I am self-published and I want people to read my novels, I  love getting comments and feed-back, it is so helpful to have people’s thoughts on what I have written and kindly criticism is always welcome – and is usually most helpful! No-one should write in a vacuum!

I don’t blog to get fantastic viewing figures – it’s not a competition between me and others, but obviously I do feel very chuffed if I have lots of ‘views’; however I don’t get despondent if I don’t have as many on one day. It is, though, intriguing to look at the pattern of views… usually I jog along day after day with a similar number of people looking at what I’ve written, then one day there might be a huge spike – once I had hundreds,yes literally hundreds of people from Spain reading what I had written, another time it was readers from Poland… I looked at my blogs for that day and could see no reason why they might have been so popular – I’m just very grateful they were! Then another day, like yesterday, I had fewer people than usual looking at what I had written… maybe puzzling that the numbers should half from what I normally have, but I’m not worried by it – not that I am complacent either – but I am putting it down to it being St Valentine’s Day and everyone was busy having a romantic day with their beloved!

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