Month: March 2015

Old photos

A cousin asked me to look out some photos for her… I got slightly side-tracked as I always do when I’m looking at old pictures. I know we are approaching Easter, and these photos are of a Christmas party, but it just gave me such a sense of fun, and love for my family to see […]



As a kid we used to go to the movies quite a lot – except we would be going to the flicks, not the movies! I did occasionally go to the Saturday morning children’s films, but not very often. I really began to go regularly when I went to Manchester, to the Poly and then most […]


An escargatoire of snails

I wonder if other languages have as many collective nouns as English does – and sometimes there are several collective nouns for each group of whatever it is. For example what I might have called a clump of snails when I saw this pile of molluscs in the car park is actually an  escargatoire of snails… […]