All set for a splendid party!

“You’re on parade at party-time! Party-giving is fun, but it means, too, that you’re on show… your house, your skill as a hostess – and especially your cooking!”

This little booklet from Spillers Self-Raising Flour, is another of the wonderful free recipe books which different food product companies gave away to their customers. There is no date on it but judging by the clothes in some of the photos I would guess it’s in the sixties. The illustration above is of the desserts buffet for the guests:

“The bases of these recipes can be prepared in advance and the decorating left until the actual day. imaginative touches of colour in the cooking and table accessories make a world of difference. Dishes shown here are Peach Meringue Flan, Roundabout Cake, Jam Whirligig, Cherry and Cream Slice, Surprise Cream Horns and Assorted Fruit Flan”

Peach Meringue Flan is made with tinned peaches, and the decoration is glacé cherries and candied angelica, The magnificent centrepiece, the Roundabout Cake is flavoured with zest of orange, the jams in the Jam Whirligig are apricot, blackcurrant and raspberry, the Cherry and Cream slice has tinned cherries and the icing is coloured with cochineal, the surprise inside the Surprise Cream horns is well-drained, chopped tinned fruit, and the suggested fruit for the Assorted Fruit Flan is tinned of bottled plums or damsons and apples and it is glazed with cornflour or arrowroot mixed with the syrup from the tinned or bottled fruit.

It is easy for us with our huge supermarkets where we can buy whatever fruit we want at any time of the year, to be scornful of tinned fruit, and to us the style of the food might seem garish but at a time when the country was moving into the sixties after the austere post-war years, this would have seemed celebratory and exciting and different!

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