Open windows

As I was working here last night, I thought how lovely it in late spring and early summer when you can first have your windows open in the evening. I could hear birds settling down for the night, and even when it was dark, the seagulls seemed unsettled and noisy, in a funny sort of way. There was the sound of distant music, and our Pakistani neighbours out in their garden, laughing and chatting to each other. Next-doors dogs which are such a nuisance with their continual barking and squealing had settled down, so there was only the occasional friendly ‘wuf’.

The night air was warm and brought in the scent of some sort of flowers, I don’t know what,; although my featured picture is our apple blossom, it has nearly all gone, but with lots of little apples beginning to grow.

This morning I came through here to write… I had left the window open all night… and it had rained… it had rained a lot… in fact my window sill was flooded…

Now the window is shut and it looks wintry and cold out there…

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