Tims and Marks

I have written before about the number of people named Tim there seem to be; in or pub at one point there were so many they had to have nick-names, for example, Twin Tim (who had twins) and Smokey Tim (who had a dog called Smokey) – and there were three other Tims too!  I worked for a boss whose husband was Tim, I had an assistant whose son was Tim, and we seemed to come across Tims everywhere we went. You only have to look up Tim on Wikipedia to see how many well-known Tims there are in every walk of life – not counting famous Timothys.

Now, it seems that the name Mark is beginning to rival Tim; I had two official letters today from different Marks, the landlord of our pub is Mark, there’s an assistant in the bookshop in town which I haunt called Mark (I haunt the bookshop, not Mark the assistant!), I have taught countless Marks (probably more than Tims) and worked with many too. If you once again consult Wikipedia, there are even more famous people called Mark – particularly sportsmen. However, although I have a large family of cousins, including second and third and once and even twice removed cousins, I have no Marks in my family. The only Mark with a family connection is the son of a cousin-in-law, a son who I have never met.

Here is a famous Tim, along with a Graham and a Bill – Tim Brooke-Taylor:


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