Dismaland (4)

Some more images of Dismaland, the artist Banksy’s event in the old Tropicana swimming pool on the seafront in Weston-super-Mare. Even from outside you can see the towers of Cinderella’s castle. We didn’t mange to go in but inside the fairytale, you can ‘see how it feels to be a real princess’. Apparently there is a reconstruction of the Disney Cinderella, her beautiful carriage overturned and she and her horses lie dead in the wreckage; all around paparazzi are shooting pictures, having jumped off their mopeds… the parallels to a true story are obvious.

Next to it is a Ferris wheel, and it certainly seemed to have more customers than the big wheel on the Beach lawns nearer the town.



There is a magnificent rearing stallion by Ben Long, constructed out of scaffolding poles. On the other side of the castle is the Big Rig Jig, two huge tankers balanced on each other to form an aeriel ballet.There is a giant pin wheel, which was commissioned by Banksy with the apparent intention of powering the whole site… or so it says, whether this is another one of the exhibits which is not exactly what it seems to be who knows! However, the programme comments ‘it turns out that this ecological marvel has trouble charging more than two mobile phones.

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