Creativity people

I came across a very interesting article which I shared with my creative writers; I teach two groups under the U3A umbrella… the University of the Third Age. U3A is a great organisation  for people who are not it has to be said in the first flush of youth. Classes and groups are taught by people who have some knowledge or expertise for free, just for the enjoyment of sharing the knowledge or expertise!

So here are some aspects of creative people which I shared with my group of creative writers, partly to pat them on the back, but also to get them to appreciate their own talents and abilities.

  1. They take risks.
  2. They view all of life as an opportunity for self-expression.
  3. They follow their true passions.
  4. They get out of their own heads.
  5. They lose track of the time.
  6. They surround themselves with beauty.
  7. They connect the dots.
  8. They constantly shake things up.
  9. They make time for mindfulness.

Here is the link to the very interesting article from which  these ideas came; Carolyn Gregoire writes here it is:

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