Twas the night before NaNo…

Tomorrow, November 1st, the 30 day 50,000 word challenge begins; tomorrow is the start of the National Novel Writing Month, a competition in which the only prize is passing the target word-count within the allotted four weeks and two days.

I have completed the challenge in the last two years competitions, but this year my mind is an absolute blank… the various ideas I’ve had seem to have shrivelled and died and the odd bits of inspiration just seem odd bits… I think part of the problem is that I’m still trying to complete another story, and I’m into the last part of it, the fifth and I’m hurrying to get that finished. It’s a story I had hoped to complete in September but somehow that hasn’t happened. However that is no excuse for not have properly thought out at least a sketch of an idea for tomorrow.

BEDFORDSHIRE OCTOBER 2015 (384)What happens in this house across the water… who lives there, what do they do… it looks quite a warm orange colour, soft sandstone bricks, but supposing it’s outwardly benign appearance hides something darker? I’m not sure if I can write this sort of story though… somehow I need people to inspire me… so maybe it’s the ‘who lives there?’ I ought to think about.


What happens beneath this weird structure? Is it malign or benign? Or maybe its love, two lovers lie looking up to the blue sky above, each dreaming of their future, but maybe they have different dreams of different futures… Or maybe time shifts and they sit up and step out into somewhere different… But again, I’m not sure I could sustain a story like that; I could write something as an exam piece, but 50,00 words?

BENVARDEN 37A dark pool… what was found in the bottom of it? Why was anyone looking in it anyway? Was it an innocent discovery, a gamekeeper cleaning the pool of weeds came across whatever it was? Was something innocent thrown in and as it was being rescued something else was found? A shoe thrown in by a child maybe, a ball, a set of golf clubs in a temper by a man who’d just lost several balls – I knew of that happening! Maybe friends were swimming, maybe a family were boating, maybe a hot dog jumped in to chase a duck? Maybe it’s a pool with a legend attached and a historian, archaeologist, folklorist investigates…

I don’t think any of these scenarios work for me… but I’ll wait and see… by this time tomorrow I might be so desperate for something to write, anything to write, I take up one and run with it!

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