Light reading… light writing?

I’ve always written stories… well as soon as I could write, and before that I told stories, either to myself or to my younger sister. I had a bit of a clear out a short while ago, and going through the masses of paper I have stacked away I decided to be ruthless, and much of what I had written when I was younger I just threw out. When I told friends this some of them were quite shocked – ‘oh you should have kept it’… But why? It wasn’t any good, it wasn’t very interesting and certainly no-one else would have the slightest interest in  it… no, definitely my children  wouldn’t. Some of it that I glanced at was so embarrassingly awful that it was quite a relief to get rid of it!

I even threw away some early novels…

  • “Telling All the Truth” – in a way an intriguing story-line, but so dated, corny, and clichéed… I have it in my head, so I can update it or use it to model a new novel some time… if I choose to… I could weave the main plot into another story maybe, ditch the characters and use the plot.
  • “Shadows on a Silver Screen” – the title alone demonstrates how ghastly it was, I had no qualms at all about ditching this one… I shan’t even share the embarrassing plot, let alone the horrible, pretentious characters!
  • “The Man in the Sun”… in a strange way, I’m quite fond of the memory of this – the couple of hundred thousand words which made up this vast what you might call a family saga went straight into the recycling bin, but there are elements which I might revive in another story… but with a completely different title!
  • “Out of Time”… again there are elements which might make another story – and I know there are other novels with this title so I would have to change it which is a shame because I like it and it really fits… The actual manuscript has gone, but the story is still in my head. It starts with a girl in a poetry lesson at school, who comes across a poet in an anthology and becomes fascinated by him… twenty or so years later she meets his son… this does sound a bit of a romance, a light read, but who knows… maybe I’ll introduce some dark elements into it if it ever gets looked at again…

Now I am actually rewriting an old idea I had, just taking the basic characters and plot, rewriting, reworking, not copying or editing, but writing it anew word by word… And I think it again is definitely going to be ‘light reading’ unless I drastically change some of the elements… but maybe for a beach read, a flight read, an ill in bed with a cold read… “A Strong Hand From Above”…


    1. Lois

      Honestly Jamila, they were real tripe! Embarrassing tripe! I actually like the ‘Shadows’ title – but I don’t think I’ll ever use it… it was about a complicated young woman in love with her step-father… it was so clichéd and corny and sentimental… I almost laughed when I read a couple of pages!

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      1. Jamila Smith

        Haha! Thank you for explaining it to me >.< LOL! That sounds like a difficult situation for her to be in. I know what you mean about reading something you've written and then realising how cliched it is, I have done that too and my stuff is so embarrassing that it makes me wonder whether I'm capable of writing something good at all!


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