Washing up…

When we bought this house from the lovely old couple who lived here before, they were downsizing to a small flat, and prior to the move they kept ringing and asking very much if we would mind leaving things which they could not accommodate, such as garden furniture (yes please!) tools in the shed (yes please!) a freezer (yes please!) a dish washer… er, aren’t they very expensive to run? isn’t it much cheaper to wash dishes by hand?…

So several years later when the dish washer they had left us finally broke down , us having used it every day since we had moved in,we got another… and yes, it might be cheaper to wash dishes by hand, but lazy us, we just put them in the machine, press the button and off it goes… until last night…four days before Christmas when we pressed the button and nothing happened… oh dear…

We have decided to wait until after new year and then we will call the repair man, so in the meantime, back to how we always used to do the washing up… and it got me thinking that even before we had the dish washer, we always had hot water straight from the tap – well, we always had water straight from the tap! When my mum was a girl they had a pump in their garden and they were lucky compared to other villagers who had to go to the village pump! We have liquid detergents which not only almost instantly remove grease and gravy from plates, but also magically peel off burnt on bits too. Even the scrubbers we have are made of a hard nylon which effectively remove even stuck on stuff without removing the pattern on the crockery, or scratching the cutlery.

Well, before I do some more writing, I better just go and do some washing up…



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