Quiz night at the Dolphin

So, Tuesday night is quiz night at the Dolphin, and as my husband isn’t rehearsing with his band we set off to our local, the best pub in the world, the Dolphin because tonight it’s quiz night. Through the quiz we have become friends with some grand folk, and together we are now a team. We always have such an enjoyable evening, not just doing the quiz but chatting, laughing, having a really nice evening together… however,we do take the quiz seriously (sort of!) and between us we cover quite a range of knowledge, sport, culture, music, food, news, general knowledge…

However, there is one are we lack, and that is popular culture in terms of recent and current music, film, fashion, celebrity… That gap has now been met by my son and his chums joining us. They have a separate team, but in effect we share answers, and it’s also lovely to be in their company! There are five of us in ‘our’ team when my husband is not drumming – otherwise he arrives part way through the second round. In my son’s team are two English friends, plus someone from Hungary, and from Spain and from Greece… all adding to the range of knowledge, but also to the enjoyment of the evening!

That is the great thing about the Dolphin, it doesn’t matter your age, and tonight we ranged from 76 to 22, and we had such a pleasant, funny, and successful evening together… yes, we won! However, winning doesn’t actually matter – we are friendly with the other teams, share jokes, banter and sometimes answers with our rivals and as happened tonight, when another team wins we cheer and applaud them!

Looking forward to next week already!

Sorry about the fuzzy featured image… we were all  a bit fuzzy that night!

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