More handy hints…

Some more little pieces of advice, some dating back to our grandmas’ generation and beyond!

  • if a hat is too big, glue a strip of foam rubber inside the headband for a snug fit
  • burns and other damage on plastic coated or vinyl flooring can be disguised by a dab of shoe colour dye in the same colour
  • cold teabags or tea itself can be used as a poultice can ease sunburn, or add a teabag to a warm bath
  • moisten bread with milk before frying it. This will make it crisper and it will absorb less fat
  • if you have stale cream crackers you can crisp them up by putting them in the oven for two or three minutes
  • to remove beer stains use white vinegar along with hot water

These are hints and tips from people who want to be economical, to not waste, to do things themselves… Just as the instructions in my knitting book about unpicking old woollens for reuse, and not wasting even scraps of old wool, so these are ways of managing a household in straightened times…I might try the milk moistened bread idea!

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