What would Popeye say?

Here is Philip Harben, the TV chef, at his inimitable best!

Tinned spinach

Of all the tinned vegetables, the most useful, I think, is tinned Spinach Purée. Spinach, although one of my favourite vegetables, is the very devil to prepare. I stagger home with a colossal volume of the stuff, spend endless hours at the sink with gallons of cold water which I slosh all over the place; I grind away at back-breaking sieve drill; and what do I get? About as much spinach as I could put in my eye. With tinned spinach I am spared this corvée. It seems to suffer less loss of flavour in the processing than any other vegetable, and the vitamins are there. So, me for tinned spinach.
Before serving, spinach purée enrich it with butter, sour milk or cream cheese, and grated nutmeg.

Corvée, by the way, is unpaid free labour, such as community service as a punishment avoiding prison. Isn’t a wonderful image, of Philip at the sink becoming more and more irritated?! Great stuff, Mr Harben!

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