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I mentioned a few days ago a little book I had come across by Emily Herman and Jennifer Richard Jacobson; it should have been accompanied by a bag of ‘rune’ type stones, but as I bought it in a charity shop,. they were missing. The idea was to use the old idea of ‘casting the runes’ to help and stimulate creativity. Each of the stones had a symbol, such as cup, gate, ribbon, moon, and included some modern items lens and clock, and some unusual ones such as tadpole and knapsack. The book suggest how you could use them to help get going on writing if you have trouble starting, or trouble keeping going!

Here is an example:

Fear…. An empty page. A blank canvas. Silence. or niggling details. Endless touches to add. Incompletion…
…There is fear of beginning; the middle muddle; the fear of ending…

… and then there are ideas on how a creative person can overcome their fear with different ‘exercises and suggestions.

The book also gives us the option to create our own runes by picking up a random selection of objects, making associations, then working from the ideas which spring up.

I thought I might try something along these lines with my writing groups; I’m always looking for new ways to get them to look at their work and the processes they have used to produce it, and to stimulate them and maybe even inspire them, challenge them to work in different ways.

I’ve been wondering how I could do this; I thought either i could give them a variety of objects or pictures of objects (either each person ahs the same set or each has different) and then allow them to ascribe a meaning to each object – which would be different for everyone. Some-one might see a mask which I mentioned above, as fun, someone else might see it as mysterious, or romantic, or frightening, or threatening, or intriguing.

Another way would be to give a list of meanings, silence, balance, vision etc – which I have got from Herman and Jacobson’s book, or I could make up my own list for them or ask them to make up their own list…

Or I could ask them to bring next time some objects, pictures, or words which have inspired them…

Good grief! I think I have enough ideas for a whole separate course!


  1. David Lewis

    The rune stones could become the next fad like pet rocks! You could use them like horoscopes to prepare you for your day or to predict romance or good fortune. Where they ever used by seers like tarot cards as I can find no reference to that?

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    1. Lois

      Yes they were/are! A lot of bunkem is written about them by some people, but I have friends who regularly ‘read’ them and I think they can be useful, if not taken too mystically!! 😉


  2. David Lewis

    I was always afraid to use the ouija board after a girl friends curtains caught on fire after summoning a spirit that turned out to be evil. Maybe I’ll pass on the rune stone idea but I have a funny story about contacting the dead.


  3. David Lewis

    After a young couple got married they made a pledge that when one of them died the other would try to contact there spirit in the after life. Only two weeks had passed when the young husband dies at work. His grieving wife starts seeing a seer in order to get through to him and finally hears his voice and is overjoyed. What do you do where you are now John, she asks? When I wake up I have wild sex and a bite to eat then go hang out with my chums and have fun. Lunchtime is more wild sex and a little nap and the same at night. It’s great and the days are always sunny and warm! Is that what it’s like in heaven she asks? I don’t know what it”s like in heaven says John because I came back as a rabbit in Arizona.

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