Not quite up to the mark…

I’ve mentioned the little National Mark Calendar of Cooking several times; a booklet of recipes produced by the Ministry of Agriculture through their National Mark scheme to raise the quality and standards of an promote British produce, fruit, vegetables, meat, dairy and fish…

Considering it was written nearly ninety years ago, it is remarkably current, and many of the recipes which i have tried are very good, work well, are economical and tasty. Some have not been as successful, and some I think probably are so out of fashion and out of our present taste that I can’t imagine many people even trying them.

I like chicken, and I don’t mind spinach… but look at this recipe… What do you think? Apparently, it is rather an amusing way of presenting a boiled fowl… are you amused?

Boiled Fowl with Spinach

  • National Mark boiling fowl
  • spinach
  • white sauce
  • 1 National Mark egg
  • butter
  1. boil the fowl
  2. cut it up and cook for a few minutes longer in a little butter
  3. drain the portions very carefully and lay them in a dish
  4. pour over them some good white sauce flavoured and coloured with spinach (boiled and then drained and passed through a hair sieve, if not a cloth)
  5. You could garnish the dish with rounds of hot, hard-boiled egg

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