Mint and Mustard

When my son suggested we went out for a Mother’s Day celebration and asked where I fancied, I thought of a leaf;let we’d had pushed through our letterbox advertising a restaurant called Mint and Mustard; I didn’t realise but it is part of a small chain, with other branches in Taunton, Penarth and Cardiff. We had looked at the enclosed menu,and I’d thought it looked different and interesting, so suggested we went there.

We booked the table and arrived… and went into a very cool, elegant restaurant, with subtle pale green décor, and lovely pictures and hangings on the walls – not too many, just enough to add interest. We were led through to a table near the bar and quickly given the most interesting looking menus, and then came the hard part, choosing what to have! While we dithered over the delicious sounding dishes, we ordered drinks, Cobra beer for some, and I had an Indian red wine, Soul Tree. If you have never come across Indian wine, and maybe like us didn’t realise wine was made in India, then I really recommend you try Soul Tree! I had red, and I’m sorry to say, I don’t remember what it actually was, but it was lovely, dry, smooth, full-bodied, and with a unique spice flavour… I shall look out for it again!

So… to the food… Not the usual starters, mains, specials, extras, desserts… Street Classics… Dosas… All Day Favourites… Indian Street Rolls… Do Your Mouth a Favour Talis… Oh good grief! What to choose! I wanted to try all of it!!! In the end, between us we had…

  • poppadoms with sweet hot chutney and a coriander yoghurty yum dip
  • a vegetarian and a non-vegetarian platter ( samosas pakora, bahjis and chicken lollipop, fish fingers, poricha khozhi)
  • bajji bucket
  • lamb kati roll
  • lamb tali
  • Mint and Mustard special tali
  • dhal of the day
  • sea bass wrapped in banana leaf
  • rum and raising ice-cream (just regular… nothing Indian about it!!)
  • pistachio ice-cream

It was amazing… not great piles of food, but the right portion to be enjoyed and not out-faced… the service was pleasant, friendly, attentive but not there every second, the presentation was excellent, enticing, interesting but not ridiculous, and the food… well, I want to go back tomorrow for breakfast!

Have a look at the menu:

Have a look at the restaurant’s page:

… and find out about Soul Tree wine:



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